Montgomery Measure Guide

Measuring Guide

The instructions below will help you with measuring for various styles of curtains.


The style and impact of a curtain will be determined by several factors.

Fabric – The type of fabric and design the customer chooses.

Styling/Heading – The type of heading the customer chooses e.g eyelet, pencil tape.

Curtain drop – The length of drop the customer chooses e.g sill length, below sill or floor length.

These are key factors which will affect the style and appearance of a curtain.


The curtains will be lined with an appropriate lining.

Curtain measurement details

Once the customer has decided on the fabric, it is important to obtain the correct measurements to ensure the curtains are made to their exact requirements, the information required is ;-


To achieve the correct width, the size of the track or pole is required.

We recommend that any track/pole should be fitted 15cm – 30cm either side of the window recess to allow curtains when open to be pulled back away from the window.

Curtain Track – ensure you measure the width of curtain track and not the window.

Curtain Pole – ensure you measure the width of the pole, excluding the finials.


When deciding on the curtain length, this is down to personal preference, however there are three basic lengths you may wish to choose from :-

Sill length – The curtain should be approximately 1cm above the sill

Below sill length – The curtain should be 3cm above the radiator or 15cm below the sill

Floor length – The curtain should be 2.5cm above the floor.

If choosing Pencil Heading – the drop measurement should be taken from the top of the track or the bottom of the ring.

If choosing Eyelet Heading – the drop measurement should be taken from the top of the pole – please ensure you add 3cm to the drop for the fabric allowance visible above the pole.


The heading is the top of the curtain which will be attached to the curtain track/pole.

Pencil Heading

The material is gathered into uniform pleats to gain full impact. The back of the curtain is fitted with a 3″ curtain tape. The curtain can then be attached onto a curtain track. The curtain is hung from any hook position as required and usually covers the track.

When using a pole the curtain is hung from the top pocket to reveal the decorative pole. One width of material ruched will reduce to approx half it original width.

Eyelets – suitable only for poles.

The drop measurement must be taken from the top of the pole and you must add an extra 3cm to this measurement as this will be the fabric allowance that will appear above the eyelet on the curtain. This is a fixed tolerance and cannot be changed due to the manufacturing process.

This will then give you your overall drop of the curtain.