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Purple Curain Fabrics

We have a large range of Purple Curtain Fabric from a range of top designers, coming in a range of shades and patterns. Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty and nobility as well as having a spiritual and mysterious quality. It works with blues, greens, oranges, and compliments shades of yellow also works well with different shades and tones of purple.
Electra Currant from £18.00
Danni Grape from £18.00
Maple Damson from £18.00
Delila Aubergine from £36.00
Kirway Mauve from £30.00
Langden Hy... from £19.00
Calder Hy... from £19.00
Fiorella Azure from £60.00
Flora Cream Plum from £39.50
Devon Mink from £18.00
Loreto Heather from £22.00
Luxury Silk Orchid from £48.00
Rae Mauve from £40.00
Hawes He... from £26.00
Admiral Wi... from £22.00
Vo Naura Pa... from £34.50
Vo Cloudburst Da... from £34.50
Harland Aubergine from £24.00
Sylvie Plum from £26.00
Poppy Vi... from £34.00
Linum Heather from £15.00
Eskimo Damson from £28.00
Vo Armathwaite Vi... from £34.50
York Rose ... from £24.00
Stroud He... from £34.00
Bliss Lavender from £24.00
Vo Seville Vi... from £34.50
Union Pansy from £20.00
Maley Lavender from £20.00
Sicily Plum from £16.00
Vo Naura Fi... from £34.50
Karakoram Aubergine from £20.00
Opal Am... from £24.00
Humming Bird Hy... from £22.00
Labyrinth Mulberry from £30.00
Pebble Amethyst from £41.50
Luxury Silk Violet from £48.00
Sorilla Mauve from £24.00
Helmsdale Berry from £30.00
Vo Berridale Pl... from £37.50
Nisa African Violet from £36.00
Aragon Mulberry from £28.00
Buttermere Be... from £18.00
Drummond Br... from £34.00
Agadir Amethyst from £34.00
Vo Hedgerow Cr... from £52.00
Shimmer Aubergine from £20.00
Zante Orchid from £24.00
Savanna Lavender from £32.00
Marco Damson/lime from £18.00
Winsford Cranberry from £28.00
Imagination Vi... from £24.00
Barrington Cr... from £48.00
Vo Edenmuir Ra... from £34.50
Vo Earnley Bl... from £34.50
Tobermory Heather from £22.00
Windermere Heather from £34.50
Layton Mauve from £24.00
Adria Or... from £38.00
Vo Belsay He... from £34.50
Elm Mauve from £38.00
Woodstock He... from £54.00
Georgia Mauve from £16.00
Bloomsbury Heather/slate from £25.00
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