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Gold Curain Fabrics

View our full range of gold curtain fabric from a range of designers from plain to patterned. Gold is a colour which is associated with friendliness and can be childlike depending on the colours it is matched with. Gold works well a lot of greens & blues and can be matched with black for a dramatic and lavish feel.
Danni Gold from £18.00
Lola Sand from £24.00
Enigma Oc... from £28.00
Cambridge Gold from £42.00
Crush Citrus from £31.50
Hatfield Gold from £60.00
Athena Op... from £26.00
Demi Sage from £24.00
Hayton Gold from £26.00
Sheen Gold from £18.00
York Ochre from £24.00
Opal Br... from £24.00
Leighton Velvet Ochre from £39.00
Aquilo Op... from £54.00
Miracle Gold from £16.00
Kupwara Beige from £18.00
Nova Gold from £18.00
Luxury Silk Copper from £48.00
Allura Gold from £38.00
Avis Gold from £28.00
Leyland Gold from £14.00
Hestia Gi... from £26.00
Warwick Gold from £40.00
Crush Gold from £31.50
Hampton Court Gold from £44.00
Adria Wi... from £38.00
Veracruz Gold from £30.00
Brilla Golden Natural from £38.00
Calvari Gold from £22.00
York Chartreuse from £24.00
Opal Gi... from £24.00
Savannah Citrus from £20.50
Contemplation Oc... from £42.00
Java Antique from £17.00
Marco Mocha/lime from £18.00
Nottingham Gold from £36.00
Luxury Silk Straw from £48.00
Ainsworth Gold from £30.00
Cali Honey from £20.00
Virginia Gold from £36.00
Imagination Oc... from £24.00
Kirkdale Gold from £22.00
Savanna Gold from £32.00
Aquilo Co... from £54.00
Vo Helmsley Ho... from £36.00
Carinthia Terracotta/go... from £18.00
Tipton Gold from £30.00
Calvari Sunshine from £22.00
Chester Gold from £60.00
Pyramid Oc... from £32.00
Demi Sand from £24.00
Emotion Oc... from £28.00
Highlander Gold from £19.50
Terrazzo Chatreuse from £28.00
Eskimo Gold from £28.00
Maple Mustard from £30.00
Deri Gold from £22.00
Harris Gold from £26.00
Karakoram Gold from £20.00
Mystique Oc... from £28.00
Alessia Gold from £22.00
Aquilo Gi... from £54.00
Durham Col 10 from £28.00
Carinthia Mocha/lime from £18.00
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