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Brown Curain Fabrics

Quality brown curtain fabric from our large range of designer textiles, which includes plain and patterned shades. Some brown colors may show a degree of sophistication, depending on what other colours they are connected to. Brown is a calm and confident colour that provides security, but it is never the center of the attention.
York Earth from £24.00
Calvari Mink from £22.00
Vo Helmsley Ju... from £36.00
Smooch Mahogany from £22.00
Halkirk Br... from £34.00
Luxury Silk Tan from £48.00
Sheridan Revtaupe from £24.00
Bridgewater Fa... from £30.00
Martinez Stone from £32.00
Panda Earth from £32.00
Eskimo Hazelnut from £28.00
Luxury Silk Biscuit from £48.00
Panama Light Oak from £18.00
Karakoram Caramel from £20.00
Pontus Co... from £26.00
Kimono Lime from £27.00
Haliso Clay from £28.00
Panama Latte from £18.00
Malton Ea... from £28.00
Silesia Mocha/lime from £24.00
Tipu Paprika from £12.00
Vo Game Birds Cr... from £52.00
Georgia Chocolate from £16.00
Allure Taupe from £32.50
Georgia Mocha from £16.00
Clarendon Brown from £28.00
Sicily Blackout Rattan from £22.00
Vo Emilio Fo... from £30.50
Union Mushroom from £20.00
Hawes Gr... from £26.00
Vivienne Chestnut from £22.00
Sheen Taupe from £18.00
Trellis Copper from £38.00
Lindon Ermine from £36.00
Athena Co... from £26.00
Luxury Silk Ginger from £48.00
Karakoram Mocha from £20.00
Crater Mo... from £24.00
Lucido Um... from £38.00
Eskimo Cappuccino from £28.00
Savanna Oatmeal from £32.00
Aragon Truffle from £28.00
Opal Ma... from £24.00
Jamai Spice from £18.00
Haliso Coffee from £28.00
Linoso Mocha from £13.50
Imagination Oa... from £24.00
Dino New Natural from £22.00
Boston Natural from £26.00
Diamonds Earth from £27.00
Miracle Coral from £16.00
Union Chocolate from £20.00
York Mocha from £24.00
Kuta Chocolate from £28.00
Vo Helmsley Ac... from £36.00
Smooch Walnut from £22.00
Hawes Br... from £26.00
Briony Brown from £28.00
Sheridan Rev Bronze from £24.00
Azzuro Um... from £38.00
Gaudi Stone from £28.00
Lindon Earth from £36.00
Eskimo Cinnamon from £28.00
Luxury Silk Butterscotch from £48.00
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