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Orange Curain Fabrics

Choose from a wide range of orange curtain fabric we have in stock or order your swatch. Our fabrics come in a range of different shades, patterns & prints. Orange is a crisp, energetic, and inventive shading and looks great with other tones of reds, yellows, and blue tones. Apart from looking fresh, it has also been said that Orange can even stimulate appetite.
Acre Terracotta from £32.00
Hawes Tu... from £26.00
Isabella Terracotta from £36.00
Sophia Orange from £16.00
Luxury Silk Coral from £48.00
Adria Um... from £38.00
Odense Burnt Orange from £16.00
Eleanor Orange from £16.00
Mirto Pumpkin from £30.00
Harlow Carr Coral Blush from £16.00
Nina Peach from £22.00
Calvari Sienna from £22.00
Anna Coral from £18.00
Union Amber from £20.00
Sphinx Gi... from £32.00
Electra Copper from £18.00
Savanna Burnt Orange from £32.00
Tacara Charcoal from £36.00
Lindon Terracotta from £36.00
Opal Sp... from £24.00
Tussock Cinnamon from £26.00
Meknes Amber from £24.00
Harper Burnt Orange from £28.00
Devon Dusk from £18.00
Bayside Su... from £18.00
Gloucester Coral from £40.00
Durham Col 13 from £28.00
Vo Thistle Glen Au... from £52.00
Bergen Burnt Orange from £16.00
Apollo Orange/black from £35.00
Eskimo Terracotta from £28.00
Mellor Spice from £39.50
Morioka Paprika from £44.00
Alto Dusk from £24.00
Smooch Terracotta from £22.00
Strathmore Au... from £34.00
Mirabelle Brick from £50.00
Verve Juice from £18.00
Delila Charcoal from £36.00
Panda Cinder from £32.00
Imagination Fl... from £24.00
Quan Apricot from £32.00
Eleanor Coral/pink from £16.00
Luxury Silk Sienna from £48.00
Aston Ma... from £50.00
Sheridan Spice from £24.00
Genevieve Orange from £16.00
Vo Cervino Me... from £44.00
Kilim Terracotta from £18.00
Decadence Tangerine from £28.00
Sicily Blackout Orange from £22.00
Gala Tangerine from £18.00
Union Apricot from £20.00
Whitby Am... from £18.00
Electra Bronze from £18.00
Alderley Amber from £18.00
Annabelle Terracotta from £32.00
Luxury Silk Hessian from £48.00
Braemar Au... from £34.00
Aragon Burnt Orange from £28.00
Zest Juice from £18.00
Vihar Orange from £22.00
Ivy Dusk from £18.00
Cairngorm Au... from £34.00
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