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Teal Curain Fabrics

Our range of teal curtain fabrics including all the latest styles from the top fabric designers. Teal is a colour that is known as a deeper variant of the blue-green colour and is very popular in homes today. Teal was a colour popular in the mid-century and can be combined with earthy, gold tones and light browns for a vintage look. We have a range of teal fabrics from plain, patterned, striped and many more.
Carisel Teal from £36.00
Cherish Teal from £26.00
Union Gemstone from £20.00
Avis Teal from £28.00
Sola Opal from £52.00
Harley Teal from £40.00
Malton Marine from £28.00
Milazzo Teal ... from £24.00
Rozan Oasis from £36.00
Janeiro Teal from £16.00
Artemis Teal from £35.00
Nahla Teal from £24.00
Ebony Teal from £28.00
Sicily Ocean from £16.00
Electra Pine from £18.00
Highlander Peacock from £19.50
Avola Teal from £28.00
Calvari Petrol from £22.00
Maybell Lime Aqua from £32.00
Ferah Aqua from £36.00
Panda Peacock from £32.00
Duck Teal from £18.00
Camarillo Oasis from £22.00
Luna Teal from £16.00
Hopea Peacock from £54.00
Groove Teal from £18.00
Dash Teal from £15.00
Mya Jade from £16.00
Sterio Teal from £20.00
Alessia Teal from £22.00
Avani Deep Teal from £32.00
Sicily Blackout Ocean from £22.00
Harper Sparkling Teal from £36.00
Silvie Aqua from £36.00
Union Deep Teal from £20.00
Anikin Teal from £26.00
Airlie Blue from £34.00
Kai Teal from £16.00
Nile Teal from £32.00
Adrano Teal from £26.00
Xion Teal from £22.00
Janeiro Petrol from £16.00
Hermes Teal from £35.00
Neave Mineral from £24.00
Aragon Teal from £28.00
Dahlia Deep Teal from £16.00
Effie Teal from £20.00
Highlander Teal from £19.50
Danny Teal from £16.00
Kuta Teal from £28.00
Geneva Oasis from £24.00
Sarah Aqua from £36.00
Lindon Turquoise from £36.00
Pyramid Teal from £32.00
Hopea Ecru Peacock from £56.00
Hawes Marine from £26.00
Vivienne Peacock from £22.00
Kudzu Peacock from £20.00
Foxy Teal from £15.00
Ares Teal from £35.00
Vancouver Teal from £28.00
Healey Teal/acacia from £47.00
Westland Teal from £28.00
Sicily Navy from £16.00
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