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Blue Curain Fabrics

We stock a large range of blue curtain fabric with shades of blue including navy blues, turquoise, duck egg blue and many more, you're sure to find the shade you require. Blue is a cool and calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. The colour blue is popular among large companies, hospitals and airlines. It is a colour that symbolises loyalty, strength.

We also have a large range of pattern and floral blues. Sample swatches are available across our range of textiles. All our curtain & upholstery fabrics are available by the metre. View the full range below.
Panama Saxa Blue from £18.00
Calista Denim/citron from £65.50
Seaside Oc... from £18.00
Narvik Seafoam from £15.00
Vo Thistle Glen Wi... from £52.00
Morgan Cloud from £28.00
Gala Indigo from £18.00
Bliss Navy from £24.00
Kilim Azurre from £18.00
Langford Bl... from £18.00
Starla Lime/aqua from £24.00
Kuta Navy from £28.00
Elsberry Blue Berry from £18.00
Enigma Ma... from £28.00
Union Pacific from £20.00
Pharaoh Te... from £62.00
Janeiro Cornflower from £16.00
Vo Cervino Mi... from £44.00
Aster Cloud from £32.00
Morzenti Aqua from £14.00
Eleanor Sky from £16.00
Laska Denim from £30.00
Kew Sa... from £18.00
Alexa Powder Blue from £24.00
Freya Aqua Blue from £18.00
Zurich Navy from £32.00
Calder Po... from £19.00
Linoso Dove from £13.50
Plume Indigo from £36.00
Palermo Blue from £28.00
Sissinghurst Midnight/s... from £36.50
Danni Aqua from £18.00
Noa Blue from £20.00
Birdsong Sa... from £18.00
Vo Emilio Hy... from £30.50
Smooch Navy from £22.00
Opal Ma... from £24.00
Louella Blue from £22.00
Corale Denim from £24.00
Kew La... from £18.00
Thornton Blue from £28.00
Linum Chambray from £15.00
Yarrow Ma... from £18.00
Baxter Blue from £24.00
Borivali Blue from £24.00
Dixon Navy from £28.00
Bowness Ma... from £18.00
Beachcomber Cornflower from £34.00
Luxury Silk Aqua from £48.00
Mix It Up Oc... from £44.00
Westland Indigo from £28.00
Ares Blue from £35.00
Hawes To... from £26.00
Vesta Ink from £25.00
Alvar Indigo from £20.50
Tuileries Sp... from £22.00
Stellar Azure from £24.00
Luxury Silk Cadet from £48.00
Cooper Coastal Blue from £30.00
Eskimo Azure from £28.00
Nusa Indigo from £15.00
Oregan Blue from £18.00
Medley La... from £18.00
Elland Blue from £20.00
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