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We stock a large range of blue curtain fabric with shades of blue including navy blues, turquoise, duck egg blue and many more, you're sure to find the shade you require. Blue is a cool and calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. The colour blue is popular among large companies, hospitals and airlines. It is a colour that symbolises loyalty, strength.

We also have a large range of pattern and floral blues. Sample swatches are available across our range of textiles. All our curtain & upholstery fabrics are available by the metre. View the full range below.
Pax Sky Blue from £18.00
Whitewell Po... from £19.00
Vo Valerius Mi... from £49.50
Tallulah Seashore from £18.00
Humming Bird ?? from £22.00
Odense Seafoam from £16.00
Starfish Pe... from £18.00
Vo Cloudburst Pa... from £34.50
Delilah Turquoise from £18.00
Bayside La... from £18.00
Boat Club Oc... from £18.00
Starla Lime/aqua from £24.00
Coralgate Le... from £18.00
Topaz Raindrop from £18.00
Roux Navy from £16.00
Bay Stripe Harbour Blue from £34.00
Alexa Powder Blue from £24.00
Elysee ?? from £22.00
Annabelle Cobalt from £32.00
Poppy To... from £34.00
Lenora Blueberry from £16.00
Dotty Powder Blue from £15.00
Kew Ro... from £18.00
Elsberry Blue Ice from £18.00
Tuileries Sp... from £22.00
Vo Rosa Bl... from £34.50
Ivy Berry from £18.00
Coco Plum La... from £18.00
Briarfield Ea... from £19.00
Birdsong Sa... from £18.00
Boxgrove Teal from £30.00
Admiral ?? from £22.00
Layton Lime/aqua from £24.00
Millions Mo... from £18.00
Hamilton Navy from £20.00
Juno Navy from £16.00
Harriet Chambray from £15.00
Sissinghurst Midnight/s... from £36.50
Linley La... from £18.00
Robyn Sky Blue from £16.00
Whale Watching Pa... from £18.00
Vo Valerius Sa... from £49.50
Sail Stripe Marine from £15.00
Journal Ch... from £20.00
Spotty China Blue from £16.00
Seaside Oc... from £18.00
Vo Clovelly Bl... from £34.50
Harlow Carr Aqua Haze from £16.00
Coral Se... from £18.00
Oh My Deer Co... from £18.00
Biscayne Cl... from £18.00
Tamar Blue from £22.00
Anna Blue from £18.00
Vo Brympton Pa... from £34.50
Beachcomber Cornflower from £34.00
Darla Blue from £24.00
Marsella La... from £38.00
Perla Denim from £36.00
Azzuro La... from £38.00
Tie Dye Indigo from £18.00
Linum Chambray from £15.00
Kew Sa... from £18.00
Elsberry Blue Berry from £18.00
Botany Ch... from £20.00
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