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Light Domestic Fabrics

Fabric Spotlight

Ashley by Clarke & Clarke
Best Price: 33.60 per metre
Duckegg Eau de Nil Heather Linen
Claydon by Prestigious Textiles
Best Price: 20.81 per metre
Cornflower Blue Linen Oyster Silver
Flanders by Belfield Furnishings
Best Price: 12.00 per metre
Olive Aqua Denim
Lahini by Prestigious Textiles
Best Price: 47.21 per metre
Indigo Lavender Natural Saffron
Sikkim Fabric List 1 by Richard Barrie
Best Price: 12.79 per metre
Nina by Prestigious Textiles
Best Price: 31.20 per metre
Azure Carnation Lavender Silver
Glaze Fabric List 1 by Prestigious Textiles
Best Price: 13.61 per metre
Atlantic Azure Buff Cambridge
Stella Fabric List 1 by Clarke & Clarke
Best Price: 28.80 per metre
Aubergine Bison Charcoal Citrus
Shima RR by Clarke & Clarke
Best Price: 37.61 per metre
Damson Ivory Sorbet Spice
Fifi by Studio G from Clarke & Clarke
Best Price: 11.21 per metre
Chintz Raspberry Summer
Treillage by Prestigious Textiles
Best Price: 31.20 per metre
Cerise Natural Ocre Paprika

Versatile Fabrics Around The Home

Our range of light domestic fabrics will suit all of your upholstery and soft furnishings needs. All styles are catered for including florals, chenilles and wovens, velvets and more. All the top manufacturers are featured including Jim Dickens, Crowson, Bill Beaumont, Blendworth, Clarke & Clarke, Prestigious Textiles and many more. The heavier weight of these fabrics is perfect for chairs, settees, cushions and many more applications around the home.

Treat your old and tired furniture to a new lease of life by choosing one of our light domestic fabrics from Online Curtain Fabrics and be the envy of friends and family alike!

Upholstery Fabrics

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